The Busy Person's Guide
to Getting Things Done & Loving Life

by Curtis G. Schmitt

  Everyone knows what STRESSFUL productivity feels like...

But what if productivity
could be peaceful & joyful instead...

...and without so-called "time management"?

Tired of seeing the same old "time management" advice repackaged to look like some "new" system that once again promises to give you "more time" but fails miserably?

In Peaceful Productivity Now: The Busy Person's Guide to Getting Things Done and Loving Life, productivity expert and coach Curtis G. Schmitt finally exposes the "lie of time management."

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Part 1:
The Lie of Time Management

Once Upon a Time—A Productivity Fairytale

    This is not a book about time management. In fact, there is no such thing as time management. This may come as a shock to some because we see and hear the words “time management” everywhere we go. But time management is a misnomer. It’s a misperception that comes from our understanding (or misunderstanding) of time itself. And, quite frankly, time management is a lie. That’s a provocative statement, I know, and I’ll elaborate in a moment. Let me first address a common objection:

"If there’s no such thing as time management then why has it become such a successful field of personal and business development?"

    If by successful you mean that lots of people are making lots of money selling products and services that promise to help you manage your time better, then yes, it’s successful. But that could be a function of demand. Snake oil panaceas sell very well during plagues, but that doesn’t mean they work.

    If you look instead at how well those products and services are improving the quality of people’s lives, the verdict is clear: “time management” has been a miserable failure. Stress, depression, hostility, anxiety, heart attacks—the latest statistics show that all of these things are getting worse, not better, despite improvements in the field of time management.

"But isn’t there some value to time management advice? What about that time management tip I got that did actually make my life better?"

    There are three possible reasons why you’ve benefited from time management advice in the past. First, there are some brilliant and highly experienced people working in the field of time management. Their paradigm is flawed (as I will illustrate), but they still have a great deal of wisdom to offer, and it’s perfectly reasonable that you might receive some short-term benefit from that wisdom.

    Second, a strong desire on your part to solve your productivity challenges goes a long way in helping you find useful crumbs in even the most mediocre time management advice. As the saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    Third, sometimes a situation is so bad, even a flawed strategy will produce short-term value. If you’re in a wooden boat on a very cold night, burning sections of the boat will keep you warm…until the boat sinks, of course.

    Nonetheless, time management—the managing of time—is a fairytale. You may want to believe you can manage your time better, but you can’t. Because time is not what you think it is.

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